After finally finishing my degree, i'm back to work on restocking the store, building the new studio (behind the scenes on our snap chat: theserpentsclub) and bringing out the very overdue Age Of Aquarius collection (some pieces are available here)

I was fortunate enough to shoot with the amazing Alice Wint over the break, along with my good friend Georgina of MXCI and an amazing team to create some editorial shots of our new collection.

With each season I aim to technically progress, so with that in mind i'll be slowly moving away from creating new steel jewellery collections and moving forward to work with brass, sterling silver and gold over the next year (with hopefully some engagement pieces hitting the store in December). I felt it was only right to bring out some new every day essentials now because, hey that's what we're all about here (these can be found in the new costume jewellery section of the website). Costume pieces are still available for customisation for those who've enquired, with different stone options being available upon request. 

Excited to show you all the new designs and sending much love to all of you

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