'Time Is Dancing, We're Only Passing Through' Medieval Engraved Posy Ring

Customs We Love: Time Is Dancing, We're Only Passing Through Medieval Ring

A custom ring for a client based on a Medieval ring from the British Museum.

The ring was wax carved to have two facets all the way around and features "time is dancing, we're only passing through" engraved in olde english type face. We cast the ring in recycled silver and finished it with tiny Black Diamond stars and an engraving of ogham writing system; a medieval alphabet from the 4th-6th centuries. Thanks for trusting me with this commission Rachel! 

British museum inspired engraved ring
Black diamond star ring
ogham writing system engraved medieval ring


British Hallmarks on a recycled silver ring
Black Diamond Star Engraved Heavy Ring
Extra large hallmarks inside a heavy ring
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