Care & Repairs

We pride ourselves on creating jewellery thats built to last, however every day wear and the elements can make your piece loose it's lustre over time. To keep your jewellery in the best possible condition, we ask you follow the steps below. 



1. Most of our jewellery features delicate gemstones; please keep your piece out of the reach of children and pets to avoid damage. (cats especially love our sparkly wears!)

2. Please remove jewellery whilst doing manual labour (such as cleaning the house where harsh chemicals will be in use), bathing and sleeping.

3. When not wearing your jewellery, please store it in the protective packaging provided. This will keep your jewellery shiny and stop tarnishing .



For our Silver, Gold and Steel jewellery, drop a little bit of antibacterial soap into luke warm water and gently wash and rinse. Never use hot or boiling water as this can damage delicate stones and loosen stone cements on heavy pieces. Gently dry with a clean cloth and buff any marks away with a polishing cloth (available here


For Brass jewellery, gently buff away any marks or tarnishing with a polishing cloth. We recommend not getting our Brass styles wet as this can affect the surface lustre and darken the surface. 



We offer a free repair service for all of our jewellery for up to 6 months after purchase. Please note that this service does not cover damage to stones or settings.

To arrange a repair, please email us at 

Please note the customer is responsible for covering any postage costs incurred. We recommend sending your repair in it's protective packaging via a tracked shipment service. We can not be held responsible for any loss or damage from transit.