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 Inspired by the vivid colours and opulence of 1960's and 70's occult cinema; this collection draws inspiration from Hammer House films like The Devil Rides Out & cult favourites like Rosemary's Baby and Suspiria.

Each piece features clean geometric cut stones in our trademark bar and spike settings. Paired against draped chains, beaded fringing and intricately detailed chains - these pieces channel the dark, romantic and ornate qualities of ritual. 





Inspired by tribal warriors, our Spring/Summer collection mixes spikes, carved heavy beads and arrow heads with large cut and polished mineral specimens. Stones like Fluorite, Citrine and Quartz have been used to channel a once untouched landscape of clear rivers, leafy jungles and dusky skies. 



Following the success of the first seasonal capsule collection 'Moon', the collection was revisited for Autumn/Winter with a focus on photographs of the nebulae.  Limited edition gold colour ways of previous styles were released alongside darker versions of classic SS14 styles in stones like Obsidian, Smoky Quartz and Amethyst.






The first seasonal collection released on the website for Spring/Summer 2014. Inspired by a childhood love for science fiction stories by HP Lovecraft, Phillip K Dick and films like Barbarella; this collection of necklaces was designed to be minimalist and otherworldly.

Each necklace features a clean geometrically cut and polished Quartz stones emerging from hand sculpted clusters of twinkling pyrite.