Ethics & Environment

We are the social generation quickly becoming the waste generation. In an era where fashion is readily available at the touch of a screen, every week there is a new trend to buy into or a new look to adorn. 

Here at The Serpents Club, we want to create goods versatile enough to transcend the trends. We want to give our customers accessible pieces that they can cherish for years whilst doing our bit for the planet. We understand the importance of using materials that do not harm the environment or the people involved in their production.

The True Cost Of Fashion

The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter to the world (after oil, ew). Scientists believe that we have entered a new geological epoch. This means that the impact from humans has changed the earth so much that we’re seeing changes in climate and landscape as drastic as those of the last ice age. The extinction rates of species are far above long-term averages. The belief is that we’re looking at a sixth mass extinction which would see 75% of species extinct in the next few centuries if we continue to consume and waste at the speed we are today.

The unfortunate fact is, if you’re getting a bargain on the high street, corners have likely been cut somewhere to keep those prices low. These range from production happening in countries where there’s child labour and workers get paid well below a living wage. Factory regulations are practically non-existent, which means every day workers health and safety are at risk and environmental damages are rife from irresponsibly disposed of waste and the use of harmful chemicals in production.

Factory Free Production

Everything is designed and hand produced here in England. Any parts of production that we can't do in our studio, we'll have done by local artisans to the trade. This gives our products incomparable quality whilst supporting our local community of makers. Due to natural gemstones being used and everything being custom produced at a small scale, there’s zero percent chance you’ll be bumping into someone else with exactly the same piece of jewellery as you.

Packaging Made With Love (& Recycled Contents)

We source our packaging from a European supplier which is of the highest quality and made from recycled content. We think it’s important to not only be mindful of what our products are made of, but also how they’re packaged . All of our promotional materials are printed on recycled card and our products are sent wrapped in acid free tissue paper.

Made For The 21st Century Fox

Plated jewellery is so last century. Get with the times and invest in costume jewellery built to handle what every day life has to throw at you. We’ve all been in that situation; you’ve bought a beautiful piece of jewellery, only for it to turn an entirely different colour within a week. We only make costume jewels using sturdy pure metals, like bronze, brass and steel, which are 100% recyclable and strong. We then go the extra mile and enamel our hardware details so they stay looking new. And if your jewellery develops a fault or needs some TLC, we’ll even fix it for free.

No diggity. No drought.

Drilling stones at an industrial scale takes heavy duty machinery and big baths of water to keep the stones cold and clean during this process. Over the past 3 years, we’ve been working on our production techniques to ensure we give our customers high quality products with minimal impact on the environment. All stones are individually drilled in house using collected rain water sources. We’ve even created a special technique which allows us to reuse the absolute minimum water to drill our stones without unnecessary fresh water wastage or contamination. Any left over water that we’ve put aside for this process then goes into our office plants.

Reforestation & Minimising Our Carbon Footprint 

We believe the only carbon we should be dishing out is in the form of diamonds, but until we can become 100% sustainable, we’ll donate a tree to One Tree Planted for every order placed to help improve our carbon foot print. We also buy 90% of our materials locally, and the 10% that we can’t get here, we’ll buy twice what we need to save long term emissions from shipping.

Recycled Metals

Mining metals requires a lot of energy and natural resources - that’s why we recycle scrap silver in house and source any other metals we need (silver, gold and rose gold) from UK and US suppliers who deal in ethically sourced and recycled metals. Buying something sparkly never felt so good!

Conflict Free Gemstones

No irresponsibly mined gemstones or metals here. We only buy from reputable suppliers to the jewellery trade which we have tried and tested since 2013.

Recycled Waste

That’s right, we like to keep it green for Mother Nature (because hell hath no fury like a deity scorned). Everything from material packaging to office waste gets appropriately recycled on a weekly basis.